Monday, January 3

First Indie Find of 2011: Mudluv Pottery

Check out this agateware pottery & jewelry by local artist Nicole Hohenstein of Mudluv Pottery. All of the pieces are white stoneware, striped with one or two other colors of clay, then clear glazed. There were so many amazing pieces it was difficult to pick just two to showcase!

Above: This pendant is handmade from swirled teal, dark brown, and white stoneware and finished with a glossy clear glaze before being fired to cone 5.Approximate Dimensions:1 3/4 in square. Retail: $19 + Free Shipping

Above: The Handmade Dark Brown and white stoneware swirl is the perfect marriage of contemporary and organic design. Finished with a glossy clear glaze before fire showing the true beauty of the plate. This item is food safe and the perfect appetizer plate. Approximate Dimensions:5 1/2 in Width x 5 1/2 in Height. Retail: $14

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