Thursday, May 8

Linkage Designs

Linkage Designs is a line of one-of-a-kind jewelry designed and handcrafted by Donna White.

Trained as a sculptor, I am driven to create pieces that satisfy my fine art sensibility. Unexpected color combinations, textural contrast and movement that relies on principles of weight and balance are the hallmarks of my style. Using a wide variety of materials and techniques, I consider every pair of earrings or necklace to be an experiment in design resulting in jewelry that is truly unique yet very wearable.

My designs for Linkage grew from a desire to combine my passion for sculpture and painting with a lifelong love of fashion. As an artist, I draw inspiration from many things, which is reflected in the diversity of the materials I choose to work with. Often I use techniques such as sailors' knots, that are not typically used in jewelry making. Many of my pieces are created with a specific dress or outfit in mind and I am frequently inspired by clothing of the past and present. My goal is to always present something that has not been seen before. When customers purchase my designs, they feel the jewelry is as individual as they are. It is very satisfying to know my work can help people express themselves.

See more of my jewelry at
and this Sunday at the Buffalo Indie Market

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