Friday, July 4

Allison Mula

My name is Allison Mula and I grew up in a small town about an hour and a half outside of Buffalo called Jamestown, New York. All of my life I have been around music, but it wasn't until moving to Buffalo that I really started developing my own unique sound. I came to Buffalo in 2003 to attend the University at Buffalo and currently am pursuing Occupational Therapy. It has taken some time but at 23 years old I have found my real voice. Instead of just trying to perform, I am able to relax and feel the music.

I like to think that my music is telling a story; My story. I write my own songs because it's easier for me to bring out my emotions with something I have experienced in my life which I hope comes out in my music. I have always used music as a kind of therapy to guide me through life. Although I still have a lot to learn and am eager to develop my skills and talents as an artist. I will be performing on Sunday July 13th with Skyfay Jazz at 4PM.

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