Sunday, August 24

Buffalo's First Sundae Flea Market

On Sunday September 7th, Sundae Market a traveling Flea market, powered by Scion Motors will makes it way to the Queen City and settle at Delaware Park. Sundae is a tour created for multiple Sunday's in cities and towns across North America. The tour and events engage the youth of those towns creatively and entrepreneurially."
It will be a day of great fun, with live music from local bands, DJ Nugget and NYC's Complex, local artists with the help of Buffalo Indie Market and much more. Best of all the event is free for all, both shoppers and vendors! What could be better?

The Market will open at 12PM and run till 5PM, enter at Humboldt Parkway. Make sure to check out Buffalo Indie Market's special feature on Sundae Market and don't miss out on Buffalo's homegrown talent!

Any artists or vendors interested in participating register on the Sundae Market website. Remember it's FREE!

Also make sure to check out Buffalo Indie Market's 6th show a week later, Sunday September 14th as we welcome 5 new artists.

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