Wednesday, August 27

3 Lil Indians

I started making bath products almost 10 yr. ago, when I was getting frustrated trying to find commercial products that didn't irritate my family's very sensitive skin. I started simply with salves and melt and pour soap. To my surprise they actually worked! However by using pre-made bases, I still did not have the desired full control of all the ingredients. Therefore, I started researching how to make soaps from scratch, determined to find the right combination of ingredients that would be gentle, yet cleansing for sensitive skin.

After much trial and error on family and friends, the goal of a gentle bar of soap was achieved! Thus 3 Lil' Indians was born. In the years since then, I have added a variety of skin care items to the product line such as lip balms and scrubs. All of 3 Lil' Indians products are made completely from scratch; no pre-made bases are used. Right now, I am working on developing perfumed oils that contain no alcohol and hope to have them on the market by October. Making soap and bath products is a perfect fit for me as a stay-at-home , homeschooling Mom. It allows me the opportunity to be with my children and still contribute to the family income. I love running my own home based business, and hope it continues to grow!

As a side note, many people ask if I have soap without lye. But the fact is- no lye, no soap! Lye free soap simply doesn't exist!

Stop by my table at the September 14th Buffalo Indie Market at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery.

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