Wednesday, September 10

The Songs

The songs were formed in February of 2008 by James and Kurt froese. James took the role of songwriter and singer and Kurt played drums. After a few recording sessions, Jeremy robnett joined the band as guitarist and new writing and recording took place. Several weeks later, Leanne hoppe joined as keyboard player. After several months of writing, practicing and recording, the band performed for the first time appearing on local television. Songs were posted on the bands myspace and more are soon to come. In addition, Jeremy has began to write lyrics as well and these new songs have been added to the repertoire. "we're not just going to play whatever sound is being marketed right now," says Jeremy. "there is more to music than being a puppet and just playing what you think will get you famous." the band's sound has been influenced by many bands including r.e.m., eurythmics, the Beatles and the smiths.
The result is a fusion of eighties pop and today's indie that is a sound the songs are more than proud to showcase. During a recent interview James stated "I don't think most bands understand why they're making music. They think they're making an impact but really they just want to show off. We're more than that. We're actually playing music. Not the crap everyone thinks is music." For more information look and listen at

The songs will make their Buffalo Indie Market debut this Sunday at 3PM.
Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, 76 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY 14202

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