Friday, August 1

Photography by Marcus L. Wise

Photographer, journalist and digital artist Marcus L. Wise was born and raised (mainly) in Hamburg, NY, and has lived somewhere on, or next to the Elmwood strip for the past 15 years. He recently received his degree from the University at Buffalo in English. While he is still moderately active in the world of journalism, it is visual art that drives him.
Mainly self-taught in the power and utility of Adobe Photoshop, Marcus began creating digital artwork more than 10 years ago. With a love for digital, and all other kinds of artwork, and a love for things local, Marcus began a website known as, which serves as an online gallery of everything art, local to Buffalo and Western New York. Over the past year, MINDWEB has become home to more than a dozen visual artists, musicians and authors, and continues to grow.

Marcus’ main drive today is his love of photography. Rooted mainly in a passion for fine art and travel photography, he recently began his own small business as a freelance photographer; shooting events, weddings, rock bands, and fine art for print sales. Though he has only a moderate background of formal training in the science of photography, his passion and motivation for independent learning becomes apparent in his varied pieces.

To preview his work, or that of others on MINDWEB, visit his site at or come out to Staples on Friday, August 1st after 9pm, to meet and greet, view and purchase works, as part of their participation with Buffalo’s 2008 Infringement Festival.



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