Saturday, July 26

Michael Farell

“Running with Buffalo,” the debut novel by Michael Farrell, tells the tale of young idealist and Buffalo, NY native, Joseph Cahan.

Told through Cahan, the story follows the recent college grad through an nine month obstacle course of humor, heartache, and professional frustration as he strives to discern if a productive existence in his hometown or the “real life" he anticipated is even attainable. In “Running with Buffalo,” Farrell relays the lament of a new generation, full of young adults trying to deal with life’s unexpected complexities. Amongst this confusion, some still yearn for the simple inherent truths that are sometimes found in the most logical of places. This duel between head and heart exists as the soul of this stirring novel.

Born in Buffalo, New York and raised in nearby Hamburg, Farrell held jobs as a paperboy, maid, landscaper, busboy, caddie, dishwasher, dining hall slag, pro shop attendant, trap boy, house painter, cashier, stock boy, salesman, fundraiser, factory worker, office drone, waiter, bartender, NBC intern, and financial advisor before having his first piece published in 2002.

Since then, his writing has been published in The Buffalo News, Barstool Sports, Five Star Magazine, and on the Buffalo Bills fan site. In 2004, he was hired to cover high school sports for The Boston Herald in Boston, Massachusetts. During the scholastic calendar, he can be found there or on his website at On Sundays during football season, he can be found praying for the Bills.

Today, Farrell resides in South Boston, Massachusetts.
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