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Tell us a little about yourself: name, where you grew up and where you live today, when you started your business and anything else interesting!
My name is Lin Nowicki. I am a rock painter from East Aurora, NY. I started my business in 1999 with some gallery consignments and sales to local individuals. In 2007 LanRocks became an online business. The "Lan" part is my initials. They're on the back of each painting.

Besides being an artist/designer or all of the above do you have a day job? Besides owning my art business, I am employed at a local church as Director of Youth and Family Programs. I also teach a rock painting class at the Roycroft Campus Coppershop Gallery in East Aurora. I offer rock painting classes in my home as well.

Do you consider yourself an artist or designer and what drove you to the arts? I started out of high school wanting to be an electrician, way back in 1981. I completed trade school, and worked in electronics for several years. I didn't love it. It took a long time to find my real passion, but I did, and I am an artist. The combination of art and teaching is very satisfying and never seems like work to me.

What's your creative process? How do you create your works of art,with what materials and where? For me the creative process is really an elevated form of "cloud watching"...same principle. Look at rocks...see what they remind me of. Looking for shapes is so much fun. Sometimes I find a stone that I'm attracted to, but the shape is a mystery. So I pick it up, and live with it for a while. Sometimes years, until it "tells" me what it wants to be. I am surrounded by rocks in my home. I am inspired by so many things, but mainly the fact that rock painting is nothing new. It is as old as humankind. I love to be directly connected with an ancient artform.

What is your favorite product you have made to date?My absolute favorite thing to paint is Matt Groening tribute art...The Simpsons. It thrills me to fit their individual images onto stones that are the perfect shape to accomodate them. Fun!

What are your favorite artists, designers, writers, musicians and why? My favorite

Matt Groening
Lin Wellford
Georgia O'keefe
Barbara Cooney
F. L Olmsted
Dale Chihuly
Oh, and about 4,000 others.

Mary Karr
John Irving
E.B White
Lawrence Sanders

Bob Dylan
Eric Clapton
Led Zeppelin
Neil Young

I really love Mexican folk music, like the gorgeous boleros by the 1960's performing artists Bud Dashiell and Travis Edmondson. The thing that all these artists have in common, for me, anyway, is that when I enjoy them, all time and space slips away. That's how I know I'm experiencing awesomeness.

Where are your favorite local places to shop? I love to shop at outdoor festivals, and I live in a town that's loaded with talented craftsmen and artists. I truly love the Copper Shop Gallery on the Roycroft campus. I love Allentown and Elmwood Avenue, too. I like to shop anywhere that individual artists are appreciated and showcased. I like to support beginning artists as well.

What advice would you like to give other artists just starting out? The best advice I share with other artsits is: Share what you know. There is no real competition. There is enough room in the business world for each and every artist. We will never run out of original substance with which to create, and as long as you remain on the creative plane and not the competitive one, true wealth will be unstoppable.

How do you advertise your work? I advertise my work through my blog and website, a massive amount of business cards, showing up at a few art shows and craft shows, and keeping my art in 3 galleries at a time. The best advertisement costs nothing, and that is consistently high quality work. People will always find you if that remains a priority. I am very appreciative of any clients who share my art with others.

What is your favorite part of being a part of Buffalo Indie Market and how would you like it to further your creative career? My favorite part of selling my art at any market is being able to share with other artists. I love to tell what I know to help make another artist find their way. I get energized by doing that. I want people who are teetering on the edge of getting out there with their own products and services to JUST DO IT. It will not fail and people will love what you do if your whole self is in it. Two years ago I left my job to do what I love and there has not been one moment of regret. Let your passion and talent be your driving force and the rest will fall into place. Share, share, share. It all comes back to you! Peace, Lin

Lan Rocks will be at the Buffalo Indie Market Sunday Oct. 12th, Sunday, Nov. 9th and Sunday Dec. 14th.

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