Friday, December 12

Brian Wheat

Brian will be making his musical debut at the Buffalo Indie Market, tomorrow at 1PM. Don't miss it!

What type of music do you play and what makes you unique to what is already out there?
I play what they're calling indie folk. I think what makes my music different is the space that is in the music. I tend to use silence and space to help define my songs. It can often times say or evoke as much, if not more, emotion that a barrage of sound.

Where do you get your inspiration from for songs like Relentless and Setting Soon
Old places, nature and grey afternoons. Also, Relentlessness is very much about human connection to nature and each other. Society reflecting natural phenomena in so many ways is very interesting to me

Besides being a solo artist, do you have a day job?
Yes, I'm a middle/high school science teacher.

What is your favorite Buffalo made product?
My vegetables
Weber's mustard
Sponge Candy.
(hey, I like to eat)

What are some of your favorite local shops and hangouts?
The Lexington Coop
Tru Teas
Essex St. Pub
Allen Street Hardware
Adam Mickiewicz Library
Delaware Park.

Who are some of you most inspired by?
Neil Young
Willie Nelson

What is your favorite thing to do that you can only do in Buffalo?
Walk on the Bird Island Pier

Are you signed on a label or would you like to be in the future?
I put my last record out on my own label. I'd love some support in putting the next one out. So, yeah...having a label would be great.

What do you like most about the Buffalo Indie Market and what it stands for?
People have passion and are creative with that passion. People like the things they make and do. It's not often easy to bring those two worlds together in a public forum. I think Buffalonians are good at doing that. I'm glad that we have the indie market to help with that.

If you had one word to describe Buffalo what would it be?

Where can we find you playing next after the Buffalo Indie Market?
Watch for some new songs to be released...I've got a great new group of songs that I'm anxious to get of now we don't have any gigs scheduled and are focusing on that.

Don't miss Brian Wheat this Sunday at 1PM at the Buffalo Indie Market, hosted by Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, 76 Pearl Street, Downtown Buffalo

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