Friday, June 13

Buffalo Plaid Pottery

As a child I was always called a dirt magnet. So it was no surprise that when I went to college I would end up being drawn to pottery. I grew up all over Western New York. Three years ago I moved to Buffalo and eventually found my present home in Allentown. When I first moved to Buffalo it took me awhile to find a place for me to store my kick wheel and also throw pots and possibly teach. One day while going to an interview I drove past Village Clay in Orchard Park. I was early for the interview and stopped in to ask about throwing there. I didn't get the interview job, however I did become the pottery instructor at Village Clay and also found a place to store my wheel.

With the support of my friends and push from my family I began selling my pots. During this time Buffalo Indie Market was just taking hold. I then created Buffalo Plaid Pottery to take part in the market and get myself into an up and coming Buffalo art community. The strong and simple check of Buffalo Plaid seemed to be a great fit with the strength of stoneware and uncomplicated forms that I was creating. The incorporation of the name of the city I am proud to call home was just icing on the cake.

Since the start of Buffalo Indie Market on April 12th of this year I have set up a pottery wheel demonstration. I am excited to say that Sunday July 13th Buffalo Indie Market will begin offering a pottery wheel workshop. Buffalo Plaid Pottery in association with Village Clay will be giving short classes with the option to create your own bowl or plate. Please feel free to come up and talk to me while I'm doing a demo at the monthly Indie Market. I love to explain and talk about what I'm doing. Pottery is a real joy and passion for me which is why I also love teaching others to throw and perhaps share some of that happiness whenever I can.  A long time ago someone asked me if I could do anything what would I do. At that time I couldn't give them an answer. Now if you ask me, I would tell you exactly what I'm doing now.

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