Friday, July 18

Kasia Blue Designs

I have always loved jewelry and pretty things. Ever since I was little, rocks, stones and anything sparkly would hold my attention for hours. My passion for all things that glitter has not waned as I've gotten older. I do suppose that my desire to design and sell my own hand crafted baubles was inevitable! I started out simply by making bracelets for all of my friends, without the intention of ever being more than just something that was expressive and fun.
After the not so gentle push from my friend Graciel last August, I started to sell my designs online at Etsy, under the name Kasia Blue. Eventually home parties, online parties and fantastic venues such as Buffalo Indie Market have evolved into my core, day to day business. My designs range from fun affordable trinkets made with crystals and beads to high end couture pieces using the finest AAA museum grade gemstones and metals available. I welcome custom orders, spiritual jewelry parties~ gemstones with meaning, sacramental jewelry orders (i.e weddings, graduations, communions and confirmations), and wholesale inquiries.

Make sure to stop by the next Buffalo Indie Market, Sunday, August 10th from 12PM to 5PM to view my most recent collections.

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